For First Responders

Many people aren't aware that cancer due to toxicity is a growing concern for first responders. According to the International Association of Firefighters, 60 percent of career firefighters die from cancer.

Infrared sauna therapy has been proven to assist in detoxification and increase longevity. Since infrared sauna therapy was successfully used after 9/11 to assist first responders, several studies have shown the benefits of this modern twist on centuries-old health rituals. Several fire departments around the US have purchased infrared saunas for their firehouses.

We believe you will find our saunas ideal for your firehouses. Our infrared saunas, like the Glory and Force, are compact, easy to assemble and maintain, use standard 15V or 20V outlets (depending on the model), and are safe and efficient. There is no construction, plumbing, or complicated wiring to deal with. The saunas can go on any surface, including carpet, laminate, or concrete.

At Salus Saunas, we believe everyone should have access to the best in health and wellness. We’ve offered first responders steep discounts on our saunas for years and we would be honored to work with you on providing access to infrared sauna therapy in your firehouses and extending the discount to your firefighters and staff. We pride ourselves on our service. We have an A+ BBB rating and many positive reviews from our customers.

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