Sauna Health Benefit:


There’s no better way to detoxify the body than with an infrared sauna. The temperatures needed to achieve significant health benefits in an infrared sauna are lower than that of a steam or traditional sauna. Infrared saunas range from about 100-150 degrees.

Far infrared rays can penetrate the human body up to four inches without the skin irritation that sometimes occurs in a traditional or steam sauna. Traditional saunas may reach temperatures of up to 300 degrees, so for those who are more heat sensitive, an infrared sauna would be a great alternative to a traditional sauna.

When far infrared is applied to the body, the molecules of the body begin to vibrate. This vibration is indicative of the absorption of far infrared light at the cellular level. The natural response of the body to far infrared light is to charge the surrounding cells by trapping light inside them. As our cells vibrate, this excitation increases the body temperature, inducing a mild fever - approximately 99.9 degrees Fahrenheit. The body’s natural response is to cool itself through the process of sweating. At the cellular level, water clusters begin to break apart and toxins stored in the subcutaneous layer of fat secrete out of the surface of our skin.

A far infrared sauna can help the body rid itself of toxic substances through the process of sweating and improved circulation. Improved blood circulation increases the body’s supply of oxygen to detox organs like the liver and kidneys, allowing them to function more efficiently. Increasing oxygen can also be lethal to many foreign pathogens.

Through the process of detoxification, the body may also rid itself of heavy metals such as lead, mercury, and aluminum, as well as toxins from pesticides and environmental chemicals.

According to the article "Far Infrared Sauna Therapy" written by Alan D. Clark in 1976 for National Geographic, Clark described how workers in the Cinnabar mines in Spain who showed signs of mercurialism were able to rid themselves of toxic mercury accumulation – by means of sweat baths after work. Confirmation of this mechanism came shortly after, in a study of chlorine manufacturing workers who were exposed to significant quantities of mercury in the workplace. Special suits were used to collect perspired excretions of these workers during part of their workday. The results showed significant mercury excretion by this route.

You can also detoxify your body of chronic viral, bacterial and parasitic conditions, such as Lyme disease and acne, while activating an immune response to these toxic areas.