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Sauna Warranty

Buying a sauna is a major investment in your health and your home. You’re buying more than just wood, nails and heaters. You want a top-quality product that will last; from company that is there for you if something goes wrong.

We care deeply about quality and service. We sell only what we ourselves would own and treat all our customers with respect.

Salus Saunas are made to last, with high-quality materials and state-of-the-art production processes.

We go above our manufacturer’s warranties. We want you to use your sauna not worry about repair costs. We stand behind all our saunas and want our customers to be satisfied for as long as they own their sauna.

Here’s how.

If your sauna stops working, call us. We will have you run a few tests and our knowledgeable diagnostics team will figure out the problem. A lot of the time, the problems can be fixed after troubleshooting. If the issue can't be resolved, and the part is covered under warranty, we will ship it out to you at no cost.

*Please note: The heating elements/coils for the Harvia and Huum heaters have a 1-year warranty. These can still be purchased after that date if needed, however*

Our 5 year, 7 year and Limited Lifetime Warranties are intended solely for consumer/in-home use. Therefore, the Limited Lifetime Warranty is only good for 2-years for our commercial customers.

The Salus Sauna warranty only applies to saunas purchased directly from Salus Saunas.