Showers, Baths, and Cold Plunges: Balancing Heat Sessions with Water

Showers, Baths, and Cold Plunges: Balancing Heat Sessions with Water

Sal Fais |

Sauna sessions followed by a cold plunge or shower have been shown to provide many health benefits for bathers. There are a few key reasons to enjoy some cold water in between sauna sessions as well. From reducing arthritic aches and pains to improving circulation, the following showers and cold plunges have been paired with our saunas for customers to enhance the benefits of hot and cold therapy. We highly recommend doing your own research and consulting with your physician or health care provider before trying any hot/cold regimen.

Turning Your Bathroom into a Spa

The most popular option for customers is bringing the sauna near your own shower. Infrared saunas are definitely the easiest to install and wire since the 1-2 person units require standard 110v/15 amp connections and the 3-6 person units require 120v/20 amp connections. You can see more info on infrared electrical information here. There a few ways to install these pre-fabricated infrared sauna kits, below are a few examples of DIY projects from a few of our customers. Having the sauna in a bathroom with tile, linoleum, or wood flooring requires less maintenance, possibly no electrical modifications to the wiring in the room, and easy access to the shower. There are many ways you can customize your bathroom and turn it into a spa at a relatively low cost!

Adding an Outdoor Shower to Your Outdoor Sauna Space

Another great pick for sauna lovers who have an outdoor barrel or cabin, is adding an outdoor shower right near your sauna. There are many great options from companies in the sauna industry and we now carry two great rustic and clear cedar showers to pair with your sauna. The Olympia Cabin Sauna (shown below) is our most popular cabin that has an authentic Finnish sauna feel with the wood-burning stove. Or you can opt for an open, rainfall shower like one of our customers out in Sunny Southern California. Walking out to a nice, cold shower after enjoying the softheat provided by a wood-burning stove is an amazing feeling that has to be experienced for yourself. As you can see, whether you need an indoor or outdoor shower, our team has you covered and can help you get set up with the right fit for your home and sauna needs.

The Best for Last: Morozko Forge Ice Baths

A very popular trend in the sauna industry is turning your home or yard into an oasis with cold plunge pools. A few of our customers have paired their barrel saunas with Morozko Forge Ice Baths and are extremely happy with the combination. Aesthetically, the lumber from the barrel complements the Forge extemely well. More importantly, in regards to performace, adding cold therapy with sauna sessions has proven to be extemely beneficial - something the team at Morozko Forge highlight in great detail in their newsletters, articles, and videos. You can learn more about Deliberate Cold Exposure here. In this day and age with stress caused by technology, COVID-related issues, and unhealthy diets/lifestyles, a Salus Saunas and Morozko Forge Bath is definitely worth adding to your home and wellness routine. 

These are just a few ways to implement cold therapy or baths with your sauna. We are always here to answer questions the best we can and make sure you are able to enhance your sauna sessions safely. It is extremely important to stay hydrated and use the sauna, showers, or ice baths responsibly. As previously discussed, it is very important to consult with your physician or healthcare provider if these options are right for you. These photos and testimonials are for informative purposes only and should not be interpreted as recommendations or advice for your wellness routine. Happy sweating!