Mobilizing Your Barrel Sauna

Mobilizing Your Barrel Sauna

Sal Fais |

We’ve been in the sauna business for a long time, and we’re always amazed at the wide range of different customers and use cases that there are our saunas. For example, did you know that you could actually make money from our barrel saunas?

Sintija Robina, one of our customers, discovered she could do just that when she started her Sauna on Wheels business just a little time ago.  Coming from Latvia, the sauna was always an important part of Sintija’s life – it’s not only a cultural pastime there, but an experience that is part and parcel of the Baltics itself.  When she moved to Rhode Island, she was surprised to find that most people were not aware of the health benefits or the enjoyment that could be derived from regular sauna usage.

After thinking about this for a while, she realized that she could actually do something about it.  She could bring her culture to her local community and share it with others.

So she set out to find a sauna that could be transported relatively easily so that she could go to her customers directly.  She ended up purchasing a Pristine barrel sauna from us here at Salus Saunas and she hitched it up to a trailer, ready to take it to her customers wherever they might be.  She arrives on site, helps to set everything up with music, lights, and an all-important safety briefing, and then she leaves the clients to bask in the experience that is a good sauna.  She has since grown a very successful mobile sauna business offering packages to clients for a wide variety of events.

Whether it’s a weekend experience to test out a sauna before purchasing, or a unique social event with friends and family, she has found a market for this experience-based business and is now making good money from the barrel sauna that she purchased.  The investment has more than paid itself off and she’s building financial freedom by leveraging the magic of the barrel sauna.

This is just one example of what it looks like to monetize a sauna, but we hope that it might inspire you to think about whether you could also get into the sauna business yourself.  This is still an experience that many people have not had, and so if you could bring that to them in an approachable and understandable way, then you could really be onto something.  We truly believe that the market has huge growth potential, especially in the USA, which still lags behind Europe and Asia when it comes to the saturation of sauna and steam experiences.

Here at Salus Saunas we have a range of different options available for you and we’d love to help you get started on that entrepreneurial journey.  Like Sintija, you could create something really special using the sauna as a foundation and help us bring the joy of this wonderful experience to more and more people.

Get started today and who knows where you could be in a year’s time!