Zenith Barrel Sauna in Hawaii: Noah's Hideaway in Maui

Zenith Barrel Sauna in Hawaii: Noah's Hideaway in Maui

Sal Fais |

Noah's Hideaway in Beautiful Maui, HI

Noah’s Hideaway is a premium, all-inclusive bed-and-breakfast based in the heart of beautiful Maui. The hosts and owners of the resort, Fadi and Cath, put their hearts into this oasis after many years of globetrotting themselves. They strive to offer a rejuvenating, blissful experience that you’ll remember for years to come. Steps away from the beach, your stay includes fresh breakfast each morning and a retreat with only the most exceptional offerings.

We crossed paths Fadi and Cath this Spring after they wanted another sauna to offer their guests. We are are honored and proud to be their choice of sauna to offer the thousands of guests they host every year. While you may have visited hotel or resort with a sauna before, the experience of our saunas is truly one-of-a-kind. As one of the country’s top sauna companies that delivers to Hawaii, Salus Saunas sources only the highest quality materials from premium red cedar, spruce, hemlock, and fir to go along with Harvia heaters. Fadi and Cath opted for our classic Zenith Barrel Sauna with Vista Window for guests to enjoy their sauna sessions while looking out to blue skies and trees. Using our barrel saunas in the oasis that is Noah's Hideaway is nothing short of perfection!

Reap the Benefits of Traditional Saunas in Paradise

Rather than turning to other techniques for stress relief, saunas are a natural way to unwind and release toxins. Think of it as your oasis from the daily worries of life. Whether your vacation is active and filled with water activities, or a truly restful break from daily life, the sauna is the perfect end to the day on your vacation. Not only will your mind feel at peace, but your body will feel the benefits, as well. If you suffer from chronic muscle tension, cramps, or other ailments, sauna therapy will help your body reinvigorate and feel restored. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team of sauna experts. We look forward to working with Fadi and Cath for years to come and for people from around the world to enjoy the relaxation induced by our Salus Saunas barrels. Supercharge your wellness with a visit to the sauna. Relax in the dry heat of the sauna to begin your wellness journey.