How to Get Your Sauna Hotter

How to Get Your Sauna Hotter

Sal Fais |

Our most popular heater: The Harvia KIP Electric Heater

This is the standard Harvia Heater that comes with most of our saunas. It is stainless steel, beautiful, elegant, and best of all simple to use.

So, this particular unit comes with two dials. One is the thermostat which is the one on your left. Most customers will leave it set to the maximum throughout the life of the sauna. On the right, is your timer, which duals as your on and off switch as well. When you hear the clunk that means your heater is heating. Make sure that it clunks when you reach the "large number 1".

Now your heater is now running and heating up. If you want to set a timer, keep turning it and you're going to hear a second clunk, which is your heater turning off and entering the preset function. With this function, you can preset your heater to power on up to 8 hours ahead of time!In this setting, your heater is going to count down and you'll hear a clunk once it is ready to power on. Once the heater preset timer expires, it's going to heat for about 45 minutes until you get to those maximum temperatures of 180-195 degrees fahrenheit. 

How do I get my sauna hotter?

Once you're powered up, you want to get your sauna room as hot as possible. One of the most common questions we get from our customers around the country is “how can I get my sauna hotter?”. We’ll be answering that very common question that we get here at Salus Saunas. The Harvia KIP Electric Heater is the standard heater that comes with most saunas that we sell. It should get your sauna to temperatures of 180 to 200 degrees Fahrenheit. If it's not getting to that temperature, there are three main things that will cause that. 

The first is the height of the heater. The base of your heater should sit no more than five to seven inches off of the floor of your sauna. If it's too high, it's only going to heat the space above the heater. If it's lower, it's going to heat more space.The second reason that your sauna might not be heating to temperature, is the placement of your stones. Each of our kits comes with a box of about 40 pounds of stones, you should not use all of those stones, you should use three quarters to seven-eighths of that box. This will mean that you'll have between five and 10 stones left over after you place them. The reason is, if you cram too many stones in your heater, it's going to restrict airflow and less the heat transfer. And the third and most common reason that your sauna is not getting to temperature, is the placement of your temperature sensor. We’ll show you where it is. 

Your temperature sensor is a safety feature in your Harvia Heater. It will shut your heater off in the case of overheating. It is mounted on the wall to sense such temperatures. It is found underneath your heater, you take the bottom plate off, and you'll find it coiled up here with the four-inch pin at the end of about five feet of wire. This is what's going to mount on your wall.

This is the sensor housing that's found attached to the coils of your heater when you open the box, and this is what I'm going to use to show you.For your indoor unit, you want to go at least 18 inches to the side of the heater and at least 18 inches from the ceiling. This is an approximation of course. Since heat rises, we don't want to put it too high, otherwise, it's again going to sense that it's hotter than it actually is, and trigger your theater to shut off prematurely. And then in the barrel sauna, the idea is the same, we don't want it to be too high or too close to the heater itself. Make sure to measure about six inches above the center horizontal support brace. That way it's not above the heater, nor is it too high, where it will sense unrealistic temperature. 

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