Using Your FSA Card for Sauna Purchases

Using Your FSA Card for Sauna Purchases

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As a wellness company dedicated to providing our loyal customers with the most convenient, affordable, and accessible way to purchase their dream sauna, we here at Salus Saunas accept FSA cards (among other modes of payment) for any and all sauna purchases.

Because saunas are beginning to be considered an extremely beneficial tool for one’s mental and physical health, FSA cards are now being accepted as a health and medical expense! This is good news not only for us as a sauna provider but for you as a sauna user!

Not familiar with what an FSA card is? No problem, let us explain…

What is an FSA Card?

Before discussing what an FSA card is, it’s important to define what an FSA stands for. Simply put, an FSA stands for a Flexible Spending Account. This account type is simply an arrangement with your bank and health insurance that allows you to withdraw funds for medical expenses not otherwise accessible with your taxed earnings.

In summary, the primary benefit of having an FSA is the fact that it saves you the equivalent of what you’d spend in tax, particularly on health and medical purchases.

In elaboration and for those unaware, an FSA card, then, is similar to a debit card, however, they’re largely used and eligible for health and medical expenses only.

They allow those who use them the flexibility to access their funds, use pretax dollars, and spend those dollars on beneficial and oftentimes necessary purchases. Lucky for you, one of those (necessary?!) Purchases that are eligible under the FSA card? Saunas!

To note, FSA’s are most commonly provided by your employer, so if you’ve been convinced of the value of this account, and you’re in the market for a sauna, set up a meeting with your employer to discuss how you can set up an account and acquire an FSA card.

Financing Your Salus Sauna

Now that you’ve been educated on an FSA and FSA card, you’re likely curious as to what other financing or purchasing options we here at Salus Saunas provide. If so, great question!

While using an FSA card is an extremely convenient and beneficial way to purchase your sauna, you may not be interested in paying up front just to save the tax. Instead, you may prefer to finance your purchase and pay over time.

Below are the other ways you can finance your sauna with Salus Saunas:

  • Finance with Affirm
  • Finance with Katapult
  • Finance with Synchrony Bank

For more click here:

Still unsure of the best way to purchase your dream sauna? No worries, our experts here at Salus Saunas are here to help guide you through the entire journey of purchase.

Not only do we value saunas themselves, but we pride ourselves in providing our loyal customers with the most affordable and reliable ways to purchase. After all, we want to get saunas in the hands of as many people and families as we can because we believe that all can benefit from it one way or another!

For more information, give us a call at (844) 618-0017, email us at We can’t wait to here from you and help you along with your purchase, whether through your FSA or otherwise.