Financing Your Dream Sauna

Financing Your Dream Sauna

Sal Fais |

Financing Your Dream Sauna with Salus Saunas

A sauna is a purchase many dream of making, however, because of the upfront financial burden, most are unable to afford it, ultimately resulting in a dream delayed. The good news? At Salus Saunas, we make financing affordable so that you don’t have to delay your dreams. Because saunas, like many other large leisurely investments, are typically quite expensive for the average household, we here at Salus Saunas have decided to offer affordable financing for the following reason…

Not only are we a passionate provider of saunas, wanting to get as many in the hands of our customers as possible, but we truly believe in the power of saunas, both for one’s physical health and mental health alike. Moreover, while offering an affordable way to finance your dream sauna is of the utmost importance to us, we also prioritize your time and patience. As such, through our partner providers, not only can we provide our loyal customers with an affordable way to finance but also a stress-free one.

Financing your dream sauna with Salus Saunas is quick, easy, and cost-effective. Most of all, it’s enjoyable! We can’t wait to help you with your ultimate dream purchase! The following is a discussion regarding the process how our affordable and stress-free financing options.

Financing with Salus Saunas

We’re super happy to offer our loyal customers with sauna financing in order to make your personal sauna more affordable than ever. Our Salus Saunas reviews speak for themselves. Whether you’re in the market for an infrared sauna, barrel sauna, or a traditional indoor sauna, we’ve got you covered!

Below are the following platforms we offer financing through:

  • Affirm (0% APR over 6 months)
  • Katapult (3% APR over 12 months)
  • Synchrony Bank (0% APR over 6, 12, or 18 months)

Financing with Affirm

Financing with Affirm is a transparent way to make purchases. With no hidden fees or surprises, you can make your dream purchase with confidence. The best part? You pay in monthly instalments rather than upfront. Simply add your purchase to cart, choose the payment plan that’s most suitable for your financial situation, and pay at your convenience. Affirm even sends you email and text reminders so that you don’t need to stress about payment dates!

All you need to worry about is what time your going to hit the sauna!

To learn more about Affirm and how it works, check them out at:

Financing with Katapult

Financing with Katapult is yet another quick, painless, and transparent way to make purchases. While other payment platforms charge hidden fees and ding you whenever you make a late payment, Katapult doesn’t. With payment plans that are tailored to your financial situation, you get the opportunity to pay at your leisure. The best part? It only takes a minute to apply and its instant approval so that you can get to the fun part!

To learn more about Katapult and how it works, check them out at :


Financing with Synchrony Bank

At Salus Saunas, we care about our customers’ experiences. That’s why we offer not one, not two, but three convenient ways to finance your dream sauna. We’ve already discussed Affirm and Katapult. The final financing option is through Synchrony Bank.

How does it work, you ask? In collaboration with Salus Saunas, we help our clients through the application process. Once approved, you simply pay when you can and in the meantime, you can still enjoy your dream sauna!

Earning credit through Synchrony Bank allows you to purchase over time, ultimately increasing your purchasing power. To learn more about Synchrony Bank and how you can earn credit, check them out at: 

Your Sauna, Your Way

So, are you ready to acquire your dream sauna in record time?  We here at Salus Saunas can’t wait to help. While we offer three efficient and effective financing options as discussed throughout this article, we understand the decision can be tough.

As such, our sauna experts are available at your convenience to answer any pressing questions you may have regarding the financing of your dream sauna. Simply email us or give us a call and one of our sauna specialists will help you through any concerns or inquiries you may have.