The Benefits of Thermally-Modified Spruce Wood

The Benefits of Thermally-Modified Spruce Wood

Sal Fais |

The Benefits of Thermally-Modified Spruce Wood

Spruce wood is a popular choice for sauna use and sauna manufacturing for a variety of reasons, not limited to its abundant benefits for both the quality of the sauna and the sauna experience at large.

Not only does it provide an incredible natural layer of insulation for wooden structures, saunas or otherwise, but it’s also known for its durability and sustainability, not to mention it’s aesthetically-pleasing appearance; it’s a beautifully luxurious wood variety if we say so ourselves…

If spruce wood itself is among the most sought-after wood variety for both manufacturers and consumers alike, thermally-modified spruce wood can be considered spruce wood on steroids!

So, what is thermally-modified spruce wood? Lucky for you, in what follows, we’ll be defining what thermally-modified spruce wood is, how it works, and what its many benefits are.

What is Thermally-Modified Spruce Wood?

Thermally-modified spruce wood, also known as heat-treated spruce, is a type of wood that has been treated with high heat and steam in order to enhance its natural properties. This process alters the chemical makeup of the wood, making it more durable and resistant to the elements.

 This special type of manufactured spruce is both versatile and durable in all conditions, ideal for a wide range of projects including, of course, saunas!

 Not only does it improve its resilience in harsh outdoor climates but it’s rot-resistant, durable, and moisture-reducing, not to mention it’s amongst the most sustainable sources of wood.

 With that said, below is a summarized discussion of the primary benefits of thermally-modified spruce wood and why it’s often argued as the superior choice for consumers and manufacturers alike when it comes to sauna use!

Weather Resistant

One of the largest benefits of thermally-modified spruce wood is its increased weather resistance. Again, while regular spruce wood is durable on its own, thermally modifying it takes durability to the next level.

The high heat treatment causes the wood fibres to become more dense which ultimately makes it less likely to warp or crack due to exposure to the sun, rain, and/or other environmental factors. As you can imagine, thermally-modified spruce wood is ideal for use in outdoor applications, such as decking, siding, fencing, and of course, saunas!


Another benefit of thermally-modified spruce wood is its sustainability. Again, while spruce wood on its own is sustainable, thermally modified spruce wood furthers its sustainability.

The process used to treat the wood is relatively low-impact, and the wood itself is a renewable resource; an environmentally-friendly choice for construction and other projects, saunas included!

Rot Resistant

In addition to its weather resistance and sustainability, thermally-modified spruce wood is also highly rot resistant. Because of the level of density resulting from the heat treatment itself, less moisture is able to penetrate, humidity levels are controlled, thus reducing the risk of rot, decay, and mould/mildew build-up.

With such an improved level of durability, thermally-modified spruce wood boasts incredible strength and resistance against general wear and tear, even in the highest-traffic areas as experienced in sauna benches, for example.

A Final Word

Popular across all European saunas, luxury saunas, modern saunas, and custom saunas of all kinds, barrel or otherwise, spruce wood, and particularly thermally-modified spruce wood, is a superior wood variety worth considering when purchasing a sauna.

To learn more about spruce wood varieties and Salus Saunas equipped with such a build, be sure to visit our website here, call us at (844)-618-0017, or visit our facility in Redmond, WA if you’re in the area!