Joe Rogan Endorses Salus Saunas!

Joe Rogan Endorses Salus Saunas!

Sal Fais |

Comedian, UFC Commentator, and Podcasting Mogul Joe Rogan has long been known for his rigorous commitment and an unrelenting dedication to the health and fitness space. Whether it’s hiking with his dog Marshall, hitting the bag at his personal gym, bowhunting, regimenting the latest in nutrition and supplementation, or testing himself for 20 minutes in a 33-degree cold plunge, he’s since garnered credibility and authority when it comes to personal health, wellness, and self-improvement.

Withstanding all that he does, he’s also extremely passionate about sauna use; from what it does for your physical health to how it makes you feel, mentally. Not only has he had world-renowned experts like Dr. Ronda Patrick on his podcast to discuss all things saunas, but his desire to continue to push its benefits to his audience and beyond is unwavering.

Lucky for us here at Salus Saunas, we’ve had the pleasure of welcoming Joe as a loyal, respected, and repeat customer, providing him with not one but two of our custom sauna setups (Marstrand and Horizon).

p.s. if you follow Joe Rogan on social media, you’ve likely seen his latest Instagram stories giving our sauna praise!

Joe Rogan Collaborates with Salus Saunas

Calling our collaboration with Joe Rogan the perfect partnership is an understatement. Not only did it come to fruition organically but it allows us as a saunas supplier to spread the word of its many benefits. This, of course, is thanks, in large part, to the more than sizeable audience that Joe boasts on his many platforms.

We were lucky enough to be able to pay a visit to Joe in Austin in order to provide him with his sauna(s) in person, both at his home and podcasting studio!

If any of you know Joe, you know that he only pursues and endorses things that he truly believes in and that he uses himself on a regular basis. That’s why we knew that a Joe Rogan x Salus Saunas collab was inevitable and we’re ecstatic to have made it happen.

Joe Rogan’s Endorsement

Once we delivered and set up Joe’s studio sauna and cold plunge, we were eager for him to provide his viewers with an honest review, and, to say we were pleased with his response is an understatement!

Garnering over one million views, 1000+ comments, and an uncountable number of leads to our website, Joe’s Instagram post reviewing Salus Saunas went on to say “If you’re thinking about getting [a sauna or cold plunge], I suggest that you do. To Salus Saunas, I can’t recommend them enough!”

As someone who’s trying to keep their body firing on all cylinders, regular sauna use is an all-but-necessary implement to your day-to-day routine. Not only does Joe Rogan agree, but the literature on its many benefits tends to agree, as well.

To grab your very own sauna and/or cold plunge today, be sure to check out our variety of product offerings here. Whether it’s an indoor or outdoor sauna, a 1-person or 6-person sauna, an infrared or dry sauna, or a barrel or traditional sauna, we’ve got you AND Joe Rogan covered!