Sauna Model Highlight: Traditional Barrel Saunas

Sauna Model Highlight: Traditional Barrel Saunas

Sal Fais |

Our most popular models: Traditional Barrel Saunas

Salus Saunas is probably best known for our Barrel Sauna, our signature product that we've been selling for over a decade. The Barrel Sauna comes in two, four, and six-person sizes and comes in a couple of different diameters. And we've got three different types of lumber: Rustic Fir, Rustic Red Cedar, and Clear Red Cedar. Our most popular model is our four-person Zenith barrel sauna that's in the rustic cedar. 

Barrel sauna design has several advantages, of course, you can set it outside due to the thick, solid stave timbers, they're soft Woods so they're great insulators, the water can roll off the sauna, it holds up with heavy snow loads. The design of the barrel sauna allows the heat to rise in the sauna, but then because the edges are not square, but round, the heat tends to push back down into the sauna, allowing the sauna and heat faster and also bringing heat lower into the sauna. 

So, there are many advantages to the barrel sauna. From a construction standpoint, all of the staves have a ball and socket profile so they nest together nicely. The glass is all tempered, the cradle supports are synthetic, creating a barrier between the ground and the wood, allowing you to place the sauna directly on the bare earth if that's what you choose to do. Also, all of the stainless steel, whether it's the bands, the brackets, the hinges, or the fasteners are all stainless steel, so it's designed for outdoor use, you can use it indoors as well. 

The interior of the sauna has two benches opposing each other. You can sit up to four people in this sauna, facing each other or you can stretch out on the benches and recline with two people. The sauna has LED lighting, nice soft glow up the back of the wall of the sauna that you can turn off and on from within the sauna, there's a switch. The heater is all stainless steel, lid sized according to the size of the sauna, it's got a delay timer on it. You can set it to come on maybe when you come home from work or after the gym, it’s just an ideal heater that heats quickly efficiently and it heats very hot. 

And so, the Salus Saunas Barrel Sauna is a wonderful addition to your home, providing healthful relaxation for you and your family.