Sauna Model Highlight: Titan Indoor Traditional Sauna

Sauna Model Highlight: Titan Indoor Traditional Sauna

Sal Fais |

Titan Indoor Traditional Sauna in Rustic Red Cedar

A Titan Indoor Sauna is a six-person freestanding unit, designed to fit anywhere in your home. Each of the components, the largest is three foot by six foot, so you can easily carry them down the basement, through a tight passageway, and then assemble it on site. It's a freestanding unit designed to utilize your existing flooring. Any flooring surface is fine, tile, ceramic, vinyl, laminate. We do not recommend carpet simply because you're going to be using water in the Sauna.

The glass is inset into the wood, so you get a very clean professional look. All of the boards are fir and hemlock and are tongue and groove design so they fit snugly and firmly, and the wood is all an inch and three inches thick, so that it is not only strong but also the insulating properties are very, very good in the sauna. 

The interior of the Titan sauna is very spacious, you can fit up to six people sitting or a few people with one lying down. We've got beautiful red cedar accents against the fir, so the bench, backrest, and the heater fence are all in red cedar, they provide a little bit of the aroma that you get with red cedar. We've got backlit lighting, LED lighting behind the backbench support with an on and off switch. 

The benches are extra wide so they're extra comfortable. And the multilevel seating allows you to sit on the lower bench where it's cooler or you can sit or lie down on the higher bench where the temperature is going to be that much hotter. So, once again with the Titan sauna. Salus Saunas is providing the best combination of quality, performance, and value. Live healthy and relaxed in a Salus Sauna today.