Sourcing Electricians and Contractors for Your Sauna Assembly

Sourcing Electricians and Contractors for Your Sauna Assembly

Sal Fais |

At Salus Saunas, most of our sauna kits are simple, DIY kits that most customers can build. All of our units from Infrared Saunas to the outdoor cabins, these kits are designed with easy assembly in mind. There are plenty of reasons for our customers to have their handyman or contractor build their saunas. Whether it's due to injury, being crunched for time, or just the convenience of not building it yourself, we've got you covered. All of the sauna installation requirements below highlight what we recommend but the installation process can be done to your liking.

If you do not already have an electrician you regularly work with, we recommend searching and getting 5-10 quotes for local electricians in your area. Doing your research is extremely important during this phase and knowing who you are working with is vital. Regardless of your preference to have someone assemble the sauna, we highly advise for customers to consult a licensed electrician for any saunas that require a 120v/20amp breaker connection. Infrared sauna electrical wiring is definitely the easier of the two when it comes to installations. If you have a smaller infrared sauna (1-2 person unit), those can be plugged into standard 110v/15amp wall outlets and do not entail extra electrical work. For our larger infrared units (3-6 person) or any traditional sauna that uses a Harvia or Huum heater, we recommend a licensed electrician to consult you on your home's capacity to house that infrared sauna or heater. The additional wiring/labor costs vary throughout the country so that would be determined directly with the electrician. Any detailed technical questions should be answered by a licensed electrician.

The easier step when installing your sauna, is finding a contractor or handyman to complete the build of your sauna. We provide all the guides and manuals for you after you purchase your sauna and even have assembly videos for you to reference. Unless you have a reliable contractor you have worked with, the same search process applies to searching for a handyman. We recommend emailing the manuals and guides or videos for your particular sauna to get an accurate estimate on what the cost would entail. Generally the cost for saunas differs because of the simplicity and labor/skill each assembly entails. The following rates belows are averages of what we have been informed of by customers who pay people to assemble the unit (electrical cost not accounted for):

  • Infrared Saunas:
    • 1-3 person units cost $250-$350 to assemble
  • Barrel Saunas:
    • 2-6 person units cost $500-$750 to assemble
    • 8-10 person units cost $1,500-$2,000 to assemble
  • Cabin Saunas:
    • 6 person units cost $2,500-$4,000 to assemble
    • 6 person units with changing rooms cost $3,500-$6,000 to assemble

As an industry leader and reputable sauna company with hundreds of positive reviews, we make sure our customers are assisted and led in the right direction when looking for someone to build or install their sauna. We do not provide any of the services above, but can assist and guide you when needed. We understand saunas are a huge purchase for your home and investment for your wellness, and do not take that lightly. This general overview touches on the main points to make sure everything goes smoothly for you once your sauna purchase is complete. We back all of the products with solid warranty and are always here for any troubleshooting or service questions. As a company, we do not recommend any electricians or contractors but can assist with the search and make sure your sauna installation is done properly so you can enjoy it for years to come!