Cancellations, Returns, Refunds and Shipping Policy

Cancellations, Refunds and Returns

Salus Saunas offers refunds to customers. Please see our policy below.

100% refund if the order is cancelled at least 7 days before it is scheduled to ship.
If orders are cancelled within 7 days of the estimated ship date, the customer is granted a 50% refund because of production costs.
If the order is cancelled after shipping, the customer is charged the return shipping fee from the carrier as well as a 30% restocking fee.
Salus will accept the return of products within 30 days of receipt for a refund minus the return shipping charges and a 30% restocking fee (not including sales taxes if applied).
The sauna or products must be returned in original packaging. Credit will be given upon inspection of the product to ensure all items are included and in good condition.
To arrange a return, contact Salus Saunas at 844-618-0017.
Free Shipping

Yes! FREE SHIPPING. Salus Saunas offers free shipping on all LTL Freight shipments. Saunas that are heavier and ship flatbed, require obtaining a ship quote. Those saunas are the cabin saunas and the hybrid saunas. Salus will work with you to get the best possible ship rate for your sauna.

With Salus, there’s no surprise in your shopping cart when you hit submit. You pay for your sauna, any accessories you choose to purchase, and sales tax (where applicable).

Detailed outline for shipping policies:

There are a few exceptions for this free shipping promo. The address of the residence or business must be located in the Mainland US where a 53’ semi truck can make the delivery without any issues. The following types of residences and businesses that may be subject to additional shipping charges include:

Living in a cul de sac
Living on an island (e.g. Nantucket (MA), San Juan Islands (WA), Catalina Island (CA) etc.)

Extremely remote areas in the mainland US (unpaved roads or narrow/winding roads)
Shipping saunas that can weigh up to 800-pounds is no easy feat, and we ensure we do our best to find the shipping companies that are best suited to make that delivery. These deliveries are made by third party shippers and do not represent Salus Saunas or our partners products or customer service. We are available to help resolve any issues that may come about during shipping, but these shippers do not reflect the business practices of Salus Saunas.

Our production times vary throughout the year. We do our best to provide accurate delivery times on our website as these do change based on the seasons. Feel free to give us a call at 844-618-0017 to speak with a representative for current estimates on sauna ship dates. We are unable to determine the exact delivery date and time of your sauna since that depends on the shipper’s availability and scheduling. We can verify exact times and dates when saunas depart our facilities, but are unable to provide exact delivery dates. On the day your sauna ships, you will receive an email providing the carrier and tracking information from us. When the shipment arrives in your region, the shipper will give you a call to arrange a delivery appointment. The shipper will provide a date for delivery and provide a time window that can range from 4-8 hours. If you will be away and unable to receive delivery, we recommend making arrangements for someone to receive delivery on your behalf. Once a shipment is out for delivery, both the customer and Salus Saunas are at the mercy of the shipper. We are unable to request holds, extensions, or other delays for delivery. Shipping companies offer storage for nominal fees and that is strictly between the customer and shipper.

Oceanic and Internation Shipments:

Salus Saunas does ship individual saunas via ocean carriers and internationally as well. If you are interested in Salus Sauna products and are located outside of the United States, we are happy to direct you to assist you with finding the right sauna for your home. Ocean shipments are paid directly to carriers and Salus Saunas can assist with finding the best company and quote for shipping to your home in Alaska, Hawaii, or international location.

How long before I receive my sauna?

Infrared saunas usually ship within a few business days from the day you place your order. Delivery time is estimated around 7-10 days, depending on where you are located. Traditional sauna shipping times can vary depending on factory production and special orders. Ship times are always up to date and listed on our website. Going on vacation or need time to upgrade your electricity? We can have your unit held until you are ready!

What can I do to prepare for the delivery?

Once you place your order, your sauna will be packaged at the warehouse are ready for pick-up by the freight company. As soon as your sauna ships we will send you tracking information. If you would like to track your sauna, please call or email us and we’ll provide you with the tracking number.
When your sauna arrives in the regional terminal nearest to your location, they will call you to set an appointment for delivery usually 24 hours in advance. They will not deliver your sauna until you make an appointment with them. In addition, they require a signature to release your sauna to you. Delivery appointments are normally within a 4-hour window.
When your sauna arrives in the regional terminal nearest to your location, they will call you to set an appointment for delivery usually 24 hours in advance. They will not deliver your sauna until you make an appointment with them. In addition, they require a signature to release your sauna to you. Delivery appointments are normally within a 4-hour window
Standard delivery is to your curbside or driveway depending on the ease of access. You can work directly with the delivery company for the payment of additional services.
Any delivery issues (remote areas, long driveways, large and low hanging trees, apartment complex, stairs, etc.) should be addressed with the freight carrier when you make your appointment, please advise them of any specific circumstances.
Have a plan to dispose of packing material and boxes or store them until your next trash/recycling day. Your sauna comes well-packed and well-protected with wrapping, boxes, and packing materials. Review the sauna assembly overview before delivery to make your assembly time go more smoothly.
The sauna will be delivered, by semi or box truck, in multiple boxes strapped to a pallet. The single driver will unload the pallet ONLY to your curbside or driveway depending on the ease of access unless you have made other arrangements with the shipper.
Once the driver has unloaded the pallet, we ask that you immediately inspect the box(s) for any damage. Please indicate and have the driver write down any minor scratches, indentations, or scuff marks to the box(s). You do not need to open the boxes to inspect the sauna. Refuse delivery if you should see a large hole anywhere (most likely caused by damage made by the freight carrier forklift forks). If you have any questions about possible damages and need guidance on whether to accept the product, please contact us immediately at (844) 618-0017.
Please call us anytime if you have questions and the delivery process, or any questions about assembling your sauna.

On the sauna delivery date:

We highly recommend making your schedule as flexible as possible during the delivery date for your sauna. We do everything on our part to ensure a smooth delivery for our customers. Some shippers may be early, late, or do not communicate as thoroughly as we do. LTL deliveries are made by a trucker with a 53’ truck and a lift gate. We highly recommend to record or take images of the condition of the pallet for your records when it arrives. All parts and components are covered under warranty so if there is damage to the pallet or boxes, we can send out replacements at no extra charge.

Your sauna purchase includes delivery curbside to your home. The shipper will offload your sauna (pallet) with a lift-gate to the curb at the end of your driveway. This applies to saunas that are no larger than 6 person units. Larger units have different shipping policies that can be seen on the flatbed shipping page.

We highly recommend examining the exterior of the shipment to make sure there is no extensive damage that would impact the sauna. Small scratches or tears in the shrinkwrap do not damage the sauna. The sauna will be packed, wrapped, and banded on a single pallet and can be moved with the aid of a pallet jack that the driver will have access to. These pallets can also be disassembled and each item moved individually if needed. We highly recommend having at least 2 people available to accept and review the delivery. The driver is not obligated to move or break down the pallet. Some drivers may be able to pull the pallet closer to the front door or garage, but that is not guaranteed and varies by driver and company.

It is extremely rare that the carrier determines that delivery cannot be made due to isolation or other specifics of your location as previously stated in this document. As a customer of ours, you may pursue one of the following options:

1) A smaller delivery truck can be arranged through a third-party carrier. These arrangements can be made by Salus Saunas, but you will be responsible for any added costs if they are incurred.

2) Saunas can be picked up at the local terminal. Most saunas can fit onto a pickup truck or small trailer, and the travel time to the terminal is typically between 1-2 hours. If you do not live in a remote area, this option may be best.

If the customer refuses the sauna delivery without pursuing the options listed above, the customer will be held responsible for the return shipping costs and any related costs. Likewise, any re-delivery or storage fees incurred will be charged to the customer.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding delivery to your location, it is advised that you discuss them with your Salus Saunas representative at the time of order.

Read about our flatbed shipping policy below. Note: Saunas that ship flatbed are the Sierra cabin sauna, the Olympia cabin sauna, the Summit cabin sauna, the Everest barrel sauna, and our Hybrid and Cottage-style saunas.

Flatbed Shipping Policy:

A select number of our saunas are too large to ship with a standard LTL carrier – these units include the Sierra, Olympia, Summit, Everest, Hybrid Models (Union), and Cottage Series. Due to the massive sizes of the pallets and packaging, they must be shipped on a flatbed trailer for safe and efficient loading, transportation, and offloading. A forklift is highly recommended for offloading these units. Many customers have these saunas delivered to an address with access to a forklift. We recommend meeting the driver at the location with a trailer capable of accommodating loads up to 3,500 pounds and 16 feet in length. Other customers will rent a forklift for offloading the sauna directly at the site of installation. If access to a forklift is not possible, offloading the unit by hand is another option. We recommend that a team of 4-6 people be available to offload the sauna. The driver will not assist in offloading, but will allow the customer 2 hours to offload. If the customer takes more than 2 hours to offload the sauna, they will be charged a $300 penalty fee by the shipping company. We will work closely with you to plan the flatbed delivery of your sauna to best accommodate your schedule and to ensure a smooth delivery and offloading process. Once the pickup date has been confirmed with the driver, the Salus Saunas team will notify you of the confirmation and provide all the information. Next, you will receive an email from our team when the sauna has been picked up. Finally, you will receive communication from the driver notifying you of the approximate estimated time your sauna will arrive. Please note: If you cancel your order while it is in transit or you are unable to accept delivery of your sauna at the pre-established time, you will still be responsible for the shipping fee. Shipping fees are quoted at the time of the order and customers are aware of the fees and charges that are applied if the order is cancelled while en route.