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Building & Electrical FAQs

1. Can one person assemble everything, or will I require assistance?

Our saunas are kits and most are fairly easy to assemble on your own, some may require extra people and take more time. Generally the larger the sauna is the more people and time are required. 90% of our customers nationwide assemble on their own, some however hire a handyman or contract to do it. Our saunas usually take anywhere from 2 - 10 hours to assemble depending upon size and complexity. Infrared saunas are pretty easy, they sometimes take only 1-2 hours to assemble.

2. When installing my traditional sauna heater that is mounted to a wall, are there pre-drilled holes for mounting?

Most of our saunas do not have pre-drilled holes, you will need to screw in yourself with robust screws strong enough to hold the weight of the heater and stones. Make sure you check that your heater is securely fastened to the wall of your traditional sauna, and the screws are long enough to go through the walls and support the weight of heater and stones.

3. Regarding the metal bands for a barrel sauna, how tight should I tighten the bolts upon securing the bands?

The bands should be tight enough that they shouldn’t move when firmly pulling on them. You should tighten the bolts very firmly, you will here the wood make crunching noise which is completely normal. You want them very snug, but you do not need to overtighten and strip the bolts. Wood shrinks and expands, you will need to tighten them up periodically if the nuts become loose, usually every 2-6 months. Please just check periodically if the bolts are firmly tightened.

4. Do I need ventilation for my indoor infrared or traditional sauna?

You do not need a lot of space for ventilation for both infrared dry and traditional indoor dry/wet saunas. First there are plenty of ports and crevices for air to get into both types of saunas, and our saunas have built-in ventilation ports that you can open and close if desire. All of our saunas are built extremely well to hold and retain heat and moisture so it won’t escape in the room you have it in.

5. Is it pretty easy to assemble my infrared or traditional sauna by myself?

In most cases, 1-2 individuals can install a sauna in a matter of hours. The bigger more complex saunas may require a few more people to help. We provide a lot of information upon purchasing including owners manuals, pics, documents, and even assembly videos. We find that 90% of our customers nationwide assemble their sauna by themselves. There are some that prefer to hire someone to do it and that is ok. But our Salus Saunas team is always available for customers that have questions about assembling their own sauna.

6. Does my sauna purchase include assembly by one of your representatives?

We do not include assembly as part of the sauna purchase, nor do we have a Salus Saunas representative that can install your sauna. Most customers nationwide assemble their sauna themselves. We provide owners manuals, pics, documents, and assembly videos upon purchasing and we’re always here to help with any questions. We rarely get calls from customers that cannot figure out how to assemble their sauna, but again we are always here to help.

7. Can I use an extension cord to plug my infrared or traditional sauna in?

No you cannot use an extension cord to power up either an infrared or traditional sauna. Infrared saunas need to be plugged directly into the appropriate 110v 15amp or 20amp receptacle. Traditional saunas do not use a plug, they all require 240 volt and need to be hardwired by a certified electrician. Please reference your owners manual for your particular sauna, and always consult a certified electrician for power requirements of your sauna.