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Panorama 4-Person Glass Cabin Sauna

5 Year Warranty
Traditional Sauna • 4 Person

12-14 Weeks Delivery

All walls and ceilings are made of glass, unlike the saunas of other manufacturers. Glass saunas are perfect for a lake, river, sea, or any other place of natural beauty, offering the opportunity to enjoy the view of the surrounding nature from all sides. The ceiling of the glass saunas will allow you to enjoy a beautiful view of the starry sky during darker evenings. You will be able to choose from sauna rooms of two different sizes.

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  • Holds up to 4 Person
  • Heater size: 15kw electrical heater require 240 V and 2 x 50 Amp Breakers- Hard Wired
  • The wood burning stoves require no electrical hookup. These come with a full chimney and chimney kit for installation.
  • Assembled size: 72″ W x 72"″ D x 82″ H
  • Interior room size: 68″ W x 68″ D x 76″ H
  • Bench dimensions: Double Level Benches
  • Shipping weight: 1200 lbs
  • Shipping size: 103" L x 46" W x 35" H


Several of our saunas are too large to ship with an LTL carrier – these units include the  Panorama, Sierra, Olympia, Summit, Everest, Knight, Pristine, Langley, Victoria, Infinite,  Round Cube, and Sun Cube. Due to their size, they must be shipped on a flatbed trailer for safe and efficient loading, transportation, and offloading.

A forklift is ​highly​ recommended for offloading these units. Many customers have these saunas delivered to an address with access to a forklift. We recommend meeting the driver at the location with a trailer capable of accommodating loads up to 3,500 pounds and 16 feet in length. Other customers will rent a forklift for offloading the sauna directly at the site of installation. If access to a forklift is not possible, offloading the unit by hand is another option. We recommend that a team of 4-6 people be available to offload the sauna. The driver will not assist in offloading, but will allow the customer 2 hours to offload. If the customer takes more than 2 hours to offload the sauna, they will be charged a $300 penalty fee.

We will work closely with you to plan the flatbed delivery of your sauna to best accommodate
your schedule. Once the pickup date has been confirmed with the driver, the Salus Saunas
team will notify you of the confirmation. Next, you will receive a call from our team when the sauna has been picked up. Finally, you will receive communication from the driver notifying you of the approximate estimated time your sauna will arrive.

Please note​: If you cancel your order while it is in transit or you are unable to accept delivery of your sauna at the pre-established time, you will still be responsible for the shipping fee.

Electrical Requirements

  • All heaters should be installed by a licensed electrician
  • 15kw huum hive electrical heater require 240 V and 2 x 50 Amp Breakers.
  • The wood burning stoves require no electrical hookup. These come with a full chimney and chimney kit for installation.

See additional electrical requirements here

  • Bucket, Ladel, Thermometer

  • Interior LED Light

  • Hand Crafted Construction

  • Stainless Steel Hinges and Fasteners

  • Tempered Glass Door

  • Easy assembly for two people

  • Made in USA

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Customer Reviews

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Patrick Brunelle

The Salus Sauna experience is unmatched. I feel recharged after each session. The quality and design exceed expectations. A must-have for anyone prioritizing wellness.

Carolanne Fournel

Salus Saunas' sauna is absolute perfection. Its quality and functionality are outstanding, and the exceptional customer care provided made the entire process effortless and enjoyable.

Marie Eve Lejour

Salus Saunas stands out for their exceptional quality and service. My sauna purchase has been a game-changer for my health routine. The benefits I've experienced have been truly remarkable.

Pierre Mercier

Salus Saunas has truly outdone themselves. The sauna I purchased has become a sanctuary for relaxation. The craftsmanship is superb, and the health benefits have exceeded my expectations.

Andre Gagnon

Using Salus Saunas has become my favorite part of the day. The therapeutic benefits are immense, and the quality is outstanding. A wise investment for anyone seeking wellness.

Panorama 4-Person Glass Cabin Sauna

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