We Got You Covered: Troubleshooting Your Sauna Heater

We Got You Covered: Troubleshooting Your Sauna Heater

Sal Fais |

At Salus Saunas, we offer the premiere heaters on the sauna market. All Huum and Harvia heaters are covered under warranty and backed with customer support from Salus Saunas and the manufacturers. From time to time, there are very few issues that customers are presented with that require a sauna specialist to assist with. Our team is available during the week to assist with troubleshooting for heaters that may not be performing to their high standard because of the placement of the heater, wiring issues, or the sensor being misplaced.
To start with troubleshooting, our team will first request a few photos of the heater you purchased with your sauna. Please send one email to sales@salussaunas.com with the photos attached, order number, and full name.

How You Can Help with Troubleshooting:

1. Please send photos of the back wall of your sauna, including the heater, to determine the height of the heater itself and the temperature sensor placement. 

2. After removing the top cover/grill of the sauna heater and the top layer of stones, take a photo of the exposed heating elements. These will sometimes be damaged if the stones are jammed into the heater.

3. After removing the bottom plate/cover of your heater, our team member will need to see the wiring. Please ensure that all cables visible below your heater in the photo.

4. We will need a photo of your breaker that your sauna is using to ensure a GFCI breaker is not in use. 

After these photos are received, one of our specialists can move further into troubleshooting. Rest assured, all issues are resolved with one of our heater specialists or the heater is replaced because it is covered under warranty.