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Harvia Heaters now Include WiFi Control Panels

Harvia Heaters now Include WiFi Control Panels

Sal Fais |

Harvia has introduced the concept of "sauna at your fingertips" or the new "e-sauna" in the United States. You can now power up your sauna heater from anywhere at any time, easily and safely with the Xenio WiFi touch panel and MyHarvia phone app!

Harvia has launched a new version of the Xenio Touch Panel with WiFi capability. With the new rendition of the MyHarvia mobile app, sauna lovers can safely control their heaters remotely. The new addition to the Harvia line offers remote control features for most exisiting electrical heaters in the Harvia catalogue. Controlling the sauna heaters remotely saves both much needed time and energy for sauna lovers in the United States for the first time. The mobile app displays the temperature and timer in real time which is not common in the sauna world. When the sauna has reached your ideal temperature and is ready for you, you can enjoy the healing effects of heat therapy.

Digitalization and automation are also moving into the sauna industry. Remote control from anywhere will have sauna functionalities at the ready, easily, and quickly available whether you are waking up in the morning, driving home from work, fishing or out exercising. The direct user experience is also better than the European launch because the app can easily be used to give tips to the user on different functionalities. The remote control of your sauna; with the easy-to-use and multi-functioning MyHarvia mobile app can control the temperature and humidity of the sauna, lighting, air conditioning and timer functions. The MyHarvia mobile app can be downloaded for free from Google Play and Apple App Store.

For Harvia, safety has always played a key role in product development and the usage of the products throughout the product life cycle and implementation. The starting point of Harvia’s product development has always been that the products must be safe and easy to use, especially considering the excessive temperatures that the heaters can reach. Various safety devices, such as door sensors, are used to remotely control your sauna. With the easy-to-use MyHarvia mobile app, you can safely switch your sauna on at any time and from anywhere.

The Xenio Panel WiFi sauna control solutions controllable with the MyHarvia mobile app are now here in the US and available to enhance your sauna experience. Call or email Salus Saunas today with any questions.

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