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Best Sauna Benefits: Workout Recovery

Best Sauna Benefits: Workout Recovery

Sal Fais |

Adding a Sauna to Your Wellness Routine

Now is the best time to add an infrared or traditional sauna to your home. With staying home becoming the new normal, saunas are essential because of the immense health benefits they provide. With many of us staying home, adding this vital health tool we can use on a regular basis to our wellness routine is the best investment we can make in ourselves. In addition to stress relief, detoxing, and pain relief, using a sauna after a workout has some amazing benefits. Saunas have been proven to ease muscle soreness, increase energy levels, and alleviate joint discomfort, among a few other benefits. Overall, taking in a sauna session is a great way to relax after a tough workout and end the day.

The Best Workout Recovery

Our muscles and joints can sometimes ache or feel sore, especially after a long workout. Health and wellness enthusiasts know better than most that our muscles and joints are worked extremely hard compared to the rudimentary activities we do throughout the day. The tears and scarring of the muscles can cause inflammation and result in cramping, soreness, and tightness, among a few other unpleasant sensations. While our muscles regenerate and recover naturally, taking in a sauna session can help the muscle recovery process greatly by increasing blood circulation and supplying oxygen-depleted muscles with blood. The high temperatures also allow the muscles to relax and be stimulated all while sitting and relaxing. This is a very simple overview of the post-workout benefits of sauna.


Using a Sauna Safely and Responsibly

The first rule is to always be hydrated before, during, and after your sauna sessions. For new sauna users, we always recommend starting with shorter sauna sessions at 15-20 minutes. Everyone’s sauna sessions and heat preferences vary but there are a few safety rules that all sauna bathers should follow. For post-workout sessions, it’s best to keep the time in a sauna under 30 minutes. While heat therapy is great, you should always be mindful of not dehydrating or over-exerting your limits. Always listen to your body and be aware of warning signs such as dizziness, headaches, lightheadedness, or nauseas. These can be symptoms of dehydration. Overall, saunas are a great health vehicle and can help you in many ways besides workout recovery. We always recommend not doing strenuous physical activity after your sauna session and to just relax and drink water. The cool down is just as important as sitting in the hot room. We know you’ll love your Salus Sauna!