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United Hybrid

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The United offers both an infrared and/or traditional sauna experience. For days when you want to bask in the infrared heat, use the digital control panel to turn on the heating panels and enjoy temperatures of 145ºF. Other times, you can turn on the Harvia 6.0kW electric heater and in an hour enjoy a traditional sauna with temperatures up to 195ºF. You and a loved one can relax against the contoured backrests and sprinkle water on the hot stones during a traditional sauna; all the components are designed to withstand moisture. The clear red cedar and walnut exterior stain give the hybrid sauna an elegant look. Choose your sauna experience daily with the Union!

Relax and unwind in this 4-person hybrid indoor sauna while it provides maximum usable space while minimizing excess cubic feet, allowing the sauna to heat quickly and efficiently.

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1 3/8th" Thick Kiln Dried Clear Red Cedar


6.0 kw KIP Harvia Heater

Internal Dimensions

Width: 79" Depth: 55.5" Height: 74" Bench: 79″L x 21″W


240 Volts 30 amps Breaker - Hard Wired

External Dimensions

Width: 83" Depth: 59" Height: 79" Weight: 820 lbs Shipping Weight: 950 lbs
Monthly Cost: $00.00
Yearly Cost: $00.00
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