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Once again, thanks for your great support! Looking forward to having my own sauna and the great recommendations of your company and your service.”


Seattle, WA


Thank you so much for all your help, and for working with us on the ideal sauna and location! This is a dream come true!”

―Tommy Nilsson

Greenwood, IN


My wife really loves this unit in our home and we hope to see the benefits in reducing her family history of high BP very soon as well as management of stress for both of us. Thanks again for everything!”


Mentor, OH


My wife and I were surprised to see how easy [our sauna] was to put together and that it came with the back rests and the towel rack, robe hook, and magazine rack. It looks very nice and we look forward to the benefits of having this unit in our home. Thanks again!”

―P. Smith

Cleveland, OH


Folks, I’m following up on the delivery of our unit.  The setup was easy as described and working beautifully. We are pleased and happy to recommend to our friends!”

―James Foster

General Manager MW Commercial


My wife and I visited your booth as we were exiting of the show. We were so impressed that we bought your Glory model on the spot. Since putting it together in just under 2 hours, the entire family has been enjoying it daily. I will definitely recommend Salus Saunas.”

―Joe Zucco



I called and ordered my Sauna.  It was delivered, installed and running in three days.  Professional installer came out and the sauna was together in about 45 minutes.  Great product, we are very happy with the service and sauna. Thank you!”

―Ron and Linda Plew


We love our sauna! It has been a great addition. It is so easy and convenient to use. We use it as often as we can and it is very relaxing. We are very happy with our investment and you and your team provide great service!”

―Ray & Sheila



I have used my new sauna for two days and already have so much energy. The best part is the built-in speakers and docking system to listen to music or watch TV. It helps make 30 minutes go by quick while getting all the excellent health benefits. Salus Saunas really went above and beyond with helping set it up and making sure everything went perfect.”

―Kimberly Molnar

Edmonds, WA


I was born without the enzyme MTHFR, an enzyme that doesn’t allow me to detox properly. My health coach recommended that I have sauna treatments weekly. I've been using my new sauna for over a month and it is so nice to have my own sauna in my home. I'm so glad I made this purchase! The unit set up simply and fast and I was able to use it the same day. I highly recommend!”


Eugene, OR


Our sauna was a complete impulse buy. The sales person assured that no change in the electrical outlet was required. Our sauna arrived on time, and was a complete breeze to assemble. Getting ready to plug it in, I noticed it required a 20 amp dedicated circuit. I called customer service and was assured that they would take care of it, which they did immediately. I firmly believe that a company is defined by how they respond to issues. Salus Saunas exceeded all my expectations!”

―Craig Westerberg

Denver, CO


I literally have tears in my eyes due to the relief I feel using my new sauna after many years battling fibromyalgia. The relief is tremendous. I could live in it!”

―Theresa Snow

Kent, WA


Without Salus Saunas amazing assistance, we would still be sitting without power to our sauna. The part arrived and it took longer to get the ladder out than it did to install it. It was a year ago today, to the date, that we bought our sauna.  We’ve been extremely pleased and I would highly recommend you to anyone looking to buy a personal sauna.”

―Terri D.

Des Moines, IA


Salus Saunas did a great job getting our sauna set up for us. Also, we love this thing! We have used it almost every. I’m currently doing about 50 minutes at 130 or so degrees and I feel great afterwards. Thank you!”

―Bob & Kim Disher

Salem, OR


We bought our Salus Sauna to help me with my Raynaud Syndrome symptoms and within days of starting to use our sauna, I was feeling the results! The Infrared heat helped my blood circulation and I was even able to sleep through the night! We're both seeing improvement in muscle relaxation and Dave's happy I'm not going to bed with 'cold feet' any longer!”

―Becky and Dave

San Diego, CA


We just wanted to say thanks again for everything. We put the sauna together the day after we got it home and it was pretty simple, just like you said it would be! We've been using it daily and love it! We are both striving to use it as part of our weight loss program. Thank you so much for all your help, your staff is fantastic!“

―Angela & Cam

Buffalo, NY


I was impressed with the quality and value of Salus Saunas. They are professional and not just sales guys; they really care about the customer’s needs.  I had a few questions after I purchased and they got right back to me in minutes. They even helped with some delivery questions. I would recommend to friends, family, and colleagues in a heartbeat.”


Des Moines, IA


Salus Saunas’ knowledge and interest in what I was looking for attracted me.  Also the sauna craftsmanship, heating System, look of the sauna... basically everything sold me and I think these guys have it down and I strongly recommend them to anyone.”

―Curt Torland

Portland, OR


I had a chance to use our new sauna each day up until my surgery and am anxious to get the green light to get back in. Keith tested it by coming down with a virus that made him feel chilled. He sweated it out in the sauna and swears he recovered much quicker. I even noticed the eczema on my hands eased when I was using it daily. We’re very happy and delighted with the purchase!”


Portland, OR


I got the sauna set up and it’s great. It's roomy, and comfortable; I look forward to using it every chance I get. I really like the fact it doesn't heat up the whole house when it's in use. It's exactly what I wanted. Thank you.”


Portland, OR


I'm an active duty naval officer stationed in San Diego. I received my sauna about two weeks ago and just love it; I'm already telling others about it. Thanks also for your work with our wounded warriors. Many people don't realize how many service members are coming back with debilitating conditions. Your work is commendable. Thank you for taking care of our own!”

―Kathy Kerrigan

San Diego, CA


My body did learn to sweat in the second week but it takes 20 mins to get there. So I use the sauna for 40 min at 130 degrees. My thinking is beginning to clear and I am remembering names better. I haven't noticed a metabolism change but I hope to soon. Either way, I feel better than I have in a long time. Thanks!”

―Jacque Dunn

Philadelphia, PA


This is the best purchase I have ever bought in regards to my health and sense of well-being. In the beginning, I was definitely skeptical. For years, I’ve endured my arthritis during the winter months. After researching saunas, I decided to give Salus Saunas a try. The first time I used it was a definite surprise. I used it for about 15 minutes and afterwards was able to hang out with the family for the rest of the night without pain. For the rest of the winter, I used my sauna for 15-20 minutes and afterwards was pain free. Thank you for the life change!”

―Doug O.

Miami, FL


My wife and I want to thank you so much for all you do and have done to make our sauna purchase one of the best purchases we have ever made.  You just continue to keep adding value to us even after our purchase.  We cannot say thank you enough!”

―Brian & Melissa C.

Boston, MA


The sauna was delivered Thursday. We used it for 15 min that night, progressing to 30-40 min over the last 3 nights; after just TWO sessions, his knees stopped hurting! Gordy is an electrician and is always going up and down extension ladders, crawling in attics, and other small spaces. His knees have been aching for months. He was amazed to wake up Saturday with no pain! We’re so surprised it has such an immediate effect.”

―Gail and Gordy

Chicago, IL


In the last 18 years, my wife has struggled to keep her blood pressure under control. Lately her blood pressure has been between 138/88 to 141/90. After just four days of my wife using our new sauna, we checked her blood pressure to find that it was down to 121/81. It had to be a fluke right? So I waited two more days and this time 120/80! This is the first time I have ever written a testimonial, but I thought that you should be aware the miraculous results that your sauna has provided to our family.”

―Leroy and Rebecca

New Castle, IN


I am filled with so much gratitude that I had the fortune of running into Salus Saunas at that fair and bought this special sauna. You guys are truly special to me! You, your boss, and your company are one of those rare good business people with a big heart that I've ever had the pleasure of dealing with. Please count me in as your lifetime customer testimonial reference! Thanks so much again. You've made my day, week, month, and year!”



My clients absolutely love the saunas I have from Salus Saunas! They feel pampered and ready for their massage afterwards. Just think how easy it is to have one in your own home to use daily. I am thrilled to give this gift of health to my clients!”

―Jessi & Pete M.


My sauna was due to arrive between 3 and 6 pm today and the truck showed up right at 3!  It was put together and ready for our enjoyment in about 1 1/2 hours!  It's absolutely BEAUTIFUL and I feel so spoiled. I am recommending Salus Saunas to everyone!  Thank you so much.”

―Sarah H.

Indianapolis, IN


This past January my wife and I were aimlessly walking the aisles of the Indianapolis Home show and came across your booth. Normally we glance at the products with tourist interest, but without any real expectation to purchase or take the products seriously. In our ten years of attending the show, we have purchased the occasional mop, ladder, or some special towel that sucks everything up. However, in our attendance this year (being our 11th), you finally broke our simple routine and showed us a product that was worth giving a serious thought.


Although we had never considered a sauna, you took quality time to answer our numerous questions. These were not only about the sauna and health benefits, but the benefits of a healthy lifestyle outside of the sauna. This made a tremendous impact on us both! Even after taking so much of your time, you were very pleasant as we walked away to enjoy the rest of the show. After the impression you made, we returned to your booth because you provided a value added experience that no one else could. It has been nearly three months now since our purchase, and our sauna experience has been tremendous! My wife and I get to sit inside, sweat, talk, listen to music, and just plain relax. All this while being away from the kids, waiting outside. We cannot say enough how thankful we are to you and your company for the product you provided us, and the excellent service to back it up. We are lifelong fans of the Salus Saunas and wish you and your company continued success!

―Brian & Melissa C.

Indianapolis, IN


I have really enjoyed our sauna. I bought it due to some fatigue and circulation issues. Along with other adjustments, the sauna has been a wonderful compliment. My naturopath medical care staff couldn’t stop smiling when I told I got one. Thank you again!”

―Claudia  R.

Seattle, WA


My husband and I bought a 3-person sauna this past Sunday at the Indianapolis Home Show. I just wanted to thank you for being so professional and informative. You gave use the information we needed to make a decision that will have a positive effect on our health and well-being. Thanks again for all the information and help during this process.”

―Jennifer and Sean M.


I'm the first to admit that our Allure Sauna was an impulse purchase and a luxury one at that. However, it has been one of the best investments I have made in our health and our home. I sleep better after a sauna session and I have significantly less pain in my joints and less acne. As you can see from the photos, I've turned it into a little spa retreat.


Salus was fantastic from start to finish. Our sales rep answered my questions at the home show and beyond. We have an older home and some unusual angles in our bedroom, so we had to make sure the electrical outlets matched and triple check the dimensions. They sent us schematics and measurements just to make sure no issues would occur. I was kept apprised of every step in the ordering and delivery process. We had some questions about putting it together (I have no "put-stuff-together" skills or upper body strength). I panicked, but was reassured quickly and the guys gave us some little hints and we got her together. They just took great care of us. The sauna itself is lovely. We originally wanted a corner model, but we couldn’t due to the plug (and cost of rewiring the house...we did check on doing it). We got a smaller model than intended, but the bump outs on the Allure make it feel more roomy and comfy. It fits the space nicely.


The experience: The sauna is gorgeous and inviting. It smells fantastic. I've yet to use any essential oils because the sauna smells so good as is. It does not take very long to come to temp, but you do need to plan a bit ahead. The heat is so soothing. I don't worry about getting burned. I love to read and listen to music in there. There's no worry about overheating - there's a roof vent, the door easily opens. The lights enhance the experience. I use battery operated candles in there and it's fantastic at night as I don't see the bed (or the laundry piles), it's like my own little universe.”

―Natalie Rodriguez

Seattle, WA


I know you probably hear this all the time, but I wanted to let you know we have been practically living in our sauna!  I can’t wait to get in it every night! I feel so good and so does Eric. This by far is one of our favorite purchases that we have made. I have been spreading the good news… Many thanks!”

―Nancy & Eric M.


I just wanted to touch bases with you and let you know how pleased we are with the sauna. We received it about 5 days after ordering it and it was easy to set up too. We are excited to use it on a regular basis. Thanks for all your help.”

―John and Kim

Atlanta, GA


Sorry this took so long, thank you so much for the bench top! We made an awesome stool! Thanks again!”

―Nancy M.








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