Sauna Heaters

Salus Saunas offers the best-in-industry electric and wood burning stoves. Whether you have a barrel, indoor unit, or cabin, we have you covered with premiere sauna heaters. We take great pride in our customers' authentic sauna experiences with the best heaters from Harvia and Huum.

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  1. Harvia Electric Heater
    $795 |or$72/month*
  2. Virta Electric Heater
    $2,195 |or$199/month*
  3. Huum Drop Electric Heater
    $2,295 |or$208/month*
  4. Huum Hive Heater
    $4,095 |or$372/month*
  5. Huum Hive Wood Heater
    $3,095 |or$281/month*
  6. Huum Hive Heat Heater
    $3,495 |or$317/month*
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