Sauna Health Benefit: Workout Recovery

Your body is probably aching or sore after a workout, so it’s recommended to spend 15-20 minutes in a sauna as part of your workout recovery. It's best to stay in the sauna no longer than 20 minutes to avoid extreme fatigue or exhaustion. We recommend that new sauna users start with shorter sessions to get acclimated to your new routine. Always be mindful of signs such as lightheadedness, dizziness, or headaches, as they might be signs that you’re dehydrated or overheating, especially after a rigorous workout routine.

Using a sauna can improve blood circulation and may help reduce muscle soreness, improve joint mobility, and alleviate arthritis pain and discomfort. The high therapeutic heat a sauna provides encourages the body to release endorphins and can help minimize pain and soreness. This type of pain relief and recovery is vital when recouping from injuries or treating a chronic medical condition like arthritis, high blood pressure, and overall stress.

When body temperature rises because of the heat of the sauna, the blood vessels dilate and increase blood circulation, which improves different aspects of one’s health. The increased blood flow can enhance the body’s natural healing process and allow fitness enthusiasts to workout with greater regularity and intensity.

A sauna can also help reduce muscle tension, eliminate lactic acid build up, and help you stay on the path to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

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