Sauna Frequently Asked Questions

Buying a Sauna is a major investment in your health and your home. Here are some frequently asked questions we have selected from our years of experience that we think will help you.

Our goal is simply to help people change their lives one person at a time through the power of sauna therapy. That means our focus is on you, not the sale.

Our team is highly trained and knowledgeable in health and wellness, as well as the sauna industry. We personally review each of our customer’s goals, lifestyle, and home to help recommend the a far-infrared saunas that will benefit and improve the quality of your life. We realize that a sauna is a significant investment in your health and home. We want you to be 100% comfortable and happy with your purchase.

We make buying and owning an infrared sauna easy. We don’t give you one price, then tack on extra features. Our price includes shipping (no hundred-of- dollars surprise at checkout) and everything you need for a safe and enjoyable sauna experience. We offer the number #1 selling brand in North America. All of our infrared saunas are world class, fully loaded, include everything you could want or need with your sauna, and the best warranty in the sauna industry.

Best of all, our saunas are easy to assemble and requires no construction, no plumbing and no complicated wiring. You can unpack your sauna and use it in as little as two hours.

We are here for your before, during and after you purchase your sauna. We strongly believe our products and service are superior in every way to what you will find elsewhere.

NO! The cost of standard shipping is included in your Salus Saunas price – no surprises at checkout for our customers

The cost to ship a sauna is approximately $400 depending upon the distance and carrier, making Salus the best choice for pricing and service.

Standard shipping includes shipping to the curb. Shipper always deploys driver discretion

Check out this page for more information on shipping and delivery.

The sauna temperature setting should be between 110 – 140 degrees for maximum health benefits. However, we recommend that you listen to your body and do what is comfortable to you. You can work up to higher temperatures and/or longer sauna sessions over time.

We recommend 30-60 minute sauna sessions, but you can go as long as you like depending on your health and comfort. You can work up to higher temperatures and/or longer sauna sessions over time.

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