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Thank you for your interest in Salus Saunas! If you decide to purchase one of our high-end, yet affordable saunas, we know that you will be completely satisfied. In fact, it’s what we pride ourselves on. Our brand is the #1 brand in the US. We sell more saunas annually than all the other major sauna companies combined. Our saunas are second to none as far as quality, warranty, and service, and there are numerous reasons for this. We sell a very high-end, top of the line sauna for half the cost. Additionally, all of our trained staff is professional and knowledgeable in the area of Health and Wellness. Lastly, we have ALL of the certifications that a sauna can have... ETL, CETL, CE, and ISO. Saunas are not actually required to have certifications, but we have them all.

We are in the business of helping people get healthy, and we are very good at it.


All of our Infrared saunas are made with 100% Grade-A Canadian Hemlock, and treated with a Danish oil finish. The walls of our saunas are dual-paneled for extra heat retention, our glass is tempered and bronzed, and the Saunas themselves come fully loaded with Chromotherapy lighting, exterior lighting (most models), auxiliary cable, stereo system (some models), speakers, drink holder, magazine holder, removable ergonomic backrests, and carbon heating elements.


Why are Carbon Heaters Important?

Ceramic rods produce Infrared through small glass tubes placed strategically throughout the sauna. Unfortunately, they can only produce so much heat and they do so by running at very high temperatures. This causes two problems. First, the sauna will get what we refer to as "hot spots". Certain areas in your sauna will have sufficient Infrared heat, while others have none. In order to fully obtain the benefits of your Infrared sauna, you want your entire body to be surrounded by the Infrared heat so as to absorb as many rays as possible.

Second, because the heat is coming from such a small area to heat up the entire sauna, those rods get hot. Really hot. People who use the ceramic saunas have reported getting red marks on their back from leaning against the rods. Despite burning at these high temperatures the ceramic sauna is unable to fully surround the person with Infrared heat. Here's an example: If we were looking at a 2-person sauna, a standard size panel using ceramic rods produces approximately 56 square inches of Infrared heat. The same size panel using carbon-based technology will produce approximately 572 square inches of Infrared heat. This makes the carbon-based sauna approximately 10 times more effective. Not only that, but the heat coming from the carbon-based panels is evenly dispersed, so you can lay right up against any panel within the sauna with no chance of getting burned whatsoever.

So why are they still selling this inferior technology? Maybe it has something to do with the fact that they're dirt cheap to buy, and the general public has no idea what the difference is. Carbon-based technology has been around for several years now and most of the studies you'll come across today on Infrared Saunas are being based on this cutting edge technology.

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