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The Mighty not only offers a space-saving corner design, but it also includes a sauna room for up to six people to create the perfect traditional sauna experience! The full top benches span to each wall, and the lower bench is retractable for a shifty, versatile set up inside the sauna. The Harvia 8kW KIP electric heater is paired with the Mighty, and will heat it up to temperatures of 195ºF in 30-40 minutes. With the KIP heaters you can also delay the start time by up to eight hours and take care of all your tasks before coming home to a nice, hot sauna. Enhance your space and your relaxation routine by adding a Mighty to your home today!


Note: Our Traditional Indoor Saunas do not come with a floor. They utilize surfaces like tile, linoleum, and concrete. We offer wooden floor kits here.

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Included Feature Highlights

  • Bucket, Ladel, Thermometer
  • Interior LED Light
  • Multi-level Seating
  • Hand Crafted Construction
  • Stainless Steel Hinges and Fasteners
  • Tempered Glass Door
  • Easy assembly for two people
  • Built-in Backrest



Nordic Spruce


8kw KIP Heater

Internal Dimensions

Width: 81"" Depth: 58"" Height: 77"" Bench: 81″L x 22″W x 36″H


240 Volts 40 amps Hard-wired 10/2 connection required

External Dimensions

Width: 86"" Depth: 63"" Height: 78"" Weight: 845 lbs Shipping Weight: 845 lbs
Monthly Cost: $00.00
Yearly Cost: $00.00
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