Chromotherapy LED Mood Lighting

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This Chromotherapy LED mood light bar comes in both 30″ and 52″ length. The bar is mounted in a cedar deflector frame that allows the light to be directed along the wall or bench on which it is mounted. The LED bar is versatile and can be mounted horizontally or vertically on a wall of the sauna or below the bench for a softer, subtler glow.

The LED bar can be removed from the defector frame if mounting below a bench if desired or if the deflector frame is not needed. The on/off and dimmer switch is mounted on a 24″ cord that allows you flexibility in the positioning and location of the switch. There is a 12v waterproof power supply that powers the LED bar that plugs into any standard 110v outlet and it can be mounted outside of the sauna. The LED bar will deliver up to 10,000 hours of lighting time and can be used in many different sauna designs and types.


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