Infrared Sauna Frequently Asked Questions

Buying an infrared sauna is a major investment in your health and your home. Here are some frequently asked questions we have selected from our years of experience that we think will help you.

Our goal is simply to help people change their lives one person at a time, through the power of sauna therapy. That means our focus is on you, not the sale.

Our team is highly trained and knowledgeable in health and wellness, as well as the sauna industry. We personally review each of our customer’s goals, lifestyles, and homes to help recommend the infrared sauna that will benefit and improve the quality of your life. We realize that a sauna is a significant investment in your health and home and we want you to be 100% comfortable and happy with your purchase.

We make buying and owning an infrared sauna easy. We don’t give you one price then tack on extra features at checkout. Our price includes shipping and everything you need for a safe and enjoyable sauna experience. We offer the number #1 selling brand in North America; all of our saunas are world class, fully loaded, include everything you could want or need with your sauna, and provide the best warranties in the sauna industry.

Best of all, our saunas are easy to assemble and require no construction, plumbing, or complicated wiring. You can unpack your sauna and use it in as little as two hours.

We’re here for you before, during, and after you purchase your sauna. We strongly believe our products and service are superior in every way to what you’ll find anywhere else.

Our price includes shipping and everything you need for a safe, enjoyable, world class sauna experience. We offer the #1 selling brand in North America to our customers. Almost all of our infrared saunas come standard with:

  • Backrest(s)
  • Magazine rack
  • Towel Bar
  • Ipod/MP3 Shelf
  • Entertainment Sound system (on most models)
  • Soft Touch interior and exterior Control Panels (on most models)
  • Outside LED lighting (on most models)
  • Interior chromotherapy and reading light (on most models)
  • Full tempered glass door
  • Tempered windows (on most models)
  • Carved edges with decorative molding
  • Waterproof floor heater for feet
  • Exterior accent lighting (on most models)

Most infrared saunas are delivered within 7-10 business days after purchasing. We can work with you on expanded shipping dates, if needed.

NO! The cost of standard shipping is included in your Salus Saunas price – no surprises at checkout for our customers.

The cost to ship an infrared sauna is approximately $400 depending upon the distance and carrier, making Salus the best choice for pricing and service.

Standard shipping includes shipping to the curb. 

Check out this page for more information on shipping and delivery.

Most customers set up their infrared sauna on their own in just an hour or two thanks to the buckle latch system, pre-assembled panels, and simple wiring. Most saunas can be quickly and easily assembled by two people with a small stepladder and a Phillips screwdriver (a cordless drill makes the process even faster). We’re always here to help walk you through the installation process, as well.

After unpacking, most customers assemble their sauna in an hour or two thanks to the buckle latch system, pre-assembled panels, and simple wiring. Most saunas can be quickly and easily assembled by two people with a small stepladder and a Phillips screwdriver (a cordless drill makes the process even faster).

We offer a 7-year warranty on all of our infrared saunas for the following components: the wood cabin (does not include the normal characteristics of wood including hairline cracks or discoloration developed over time due to the heat), electrical, heaters, and stereo. You won’t find a better deal anywhere else. Complete warranty information is available here.

Our infrared saunas are 100% Grade-A Canadian Hemlock wood, no laminates, and contain no toxic glues. The interior of our saunas are blind nailed (no nail heads showing) and smooth sanded by hand. They’ve been scrutinized and tested at the highest levels and have ETL, CETL, and CE certifications. In addition, our supplier belongs to the ISO 9001 quality control program.

Infrared energy is extremely safe and highly beneficial! Far Infrared heat has been actively used in the medical field for decades. Physicians, surgeons, pain management clinics, physical therapists, chiropractors, massage therapists, etc., have all used infrared heat to help their patients with a variety of health issues for many years. Infrared saunas have become mainstream in the health and wellness field and their popularity among health care professionals grows each and every year.

Carbon fiber heaters are safer, longer lasting, and make the sauna more comfortable. Ceramic heaters can burn to the touch; carbon heaters don’t do this. In addition, there are no “hot spots” with carbon heaters. We’re able to place carbon heaters throughout the sauna, including the floor, so the heat is evenly distributed. Far infrared rays are absorbed into your body much deeper and at a lower temperature, which makes them more enjoyable to use.

Carbon heaters are also more efficient and of higher quality, overall. The most common reason that some companies choose to use ceramic heaters is that they’re less costly... and it’s evident.

The sauna temperature setting should be between 110 – 140 degrees for maximum health benefits. However, we recommend that you listen to your body and do what’s comfortable for you. You can work up to higher temperatures and/or longer sauna sessions over time.

Unlike traditional saunas, our efficient carbon fiber heaters allow the sauna to heat quickly. Most models take approximately 20 minutes to come to temperature, depending on desired temperature, the ambient temperature, and the size of the sauna.

We recommend 30-60 minute sauna sessions, but you can go as long as you like depending on your health and comfort. You can work up to higher temperatures and/or longer sauna sessions over time. We recommend new sauna users to start with shorter sessions to get acclimated to your new routine. Always be mindful of signs such as lightheadedness, dizziness, or headaches, as they might be signs that you are dehydrated or overheating.

Anywhere you can plug it in! Infrared saunas can be placed on any flat surface, including carpet, wood, and laminate. Common areas are bedrooms, living rooms, walk-in closets, garages, and basements. Concrete absorbs heat, so if you’re placing your sauna on concrete (such as a basement or garage), you’ll want to put a rubber mat or rug under the sauna for insulation. Our saunas are not only good for your health; they’re also a beautiful piece of décor for any room!

We only recommend putting the sauna outside if you set it up under a patio cover and/or have a sauna cover for it (which you may order from Salus Saunas). The electronics are housed on top of the unit and this section needs to stay dry, thus if any environment yields moisture you must protect it. Placing the infrared sauna outdoors will void the manufacturer’s warranty. However, we have many customers who have successfully placed their infrared saunas in protected outdoor environments.

We have a complete line of infrared saunas ranging from small one-person units, to three- person deluxe models. In addition, we have corner saunas available.

We also occasionally offer a limited number of close-out and clearance models.

Infrared energy is extremely efficient and costs very little to operate each month. Saunas cost about $0.10 to $0.15 cents per hour of use, which is well under $10 a month to operate if you used it every day. This is a huge saving over the cost of medical appointments or spa visits.

All of our 1-2 person infrared saunas use standard household outlets. Larger units require a 20 amp outlet. Our largest infrared sauna needs two 20 amp outlets.

ALWAYS have a licensed electrician do your wiring according to local electrical codes.

For more information, please see our page on electrical requirements.

Maintaining your infrared sauna is easy! Dust the top of the sauna a few times a year (if you have ceiling fans, do the sauna at the same time). Wipe down the outside of the sauna with a very damp cloth as needed. Doors and windows can be cleaned with water and a microfiber cloth. The inside should need very little cleaning. Most of our infrared sauna units have carbon fiber heaters on the floor; vacuum any debris using an attachment wand. Debris should come up easily without the attachment touching the heater. If the floor slats or bench become soiled, scrub gently with a damp paper towel.

Do not use any cleaners on the wood as the wood will absorb them and leech out when the sauna is in use.

You can keep your sauna cleaner using these tips:

  • Never take food or drinks other than plain water inside the sauna.
  • Always make sure your feet are clean when entering the sauna.
  • Place a bathmat outside the entrance.
  • Sit on two layers of spa-quality towels.
  • Buy a rain-resistant patio bench cushion and place a towel over the cushion. This adds additional comfort for prolonged sauna sessions as well.
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