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Easy Assembly

Tip #1: Base and roof of the sauna

Begin by carefully opening one box at a time. Lay all boxes flat on the ground preferably in an open area. Start with the smallest box. This box will house the base and roof of the sauna. Place the roof on top of the lid of the cardboard box you just opened to protect the ceiling while affixing the antenna. It is much easier to screw the antenna to the roof before the roof is put in place. There will be a notch in the dust cover that will align up with the antenna you will be screwing onto the roof. Set the dust cover in place and mark the sides on the roof where the antenna will stick out. Now screw the antenna in the appropriate spot. Use the screws that are in the bag taped to the dust cover, they are easier to use than the silver ones provided with the antenna.

There are 2”X2” braces (usually 3 of them) that need to be screwed into the underside of the base. Turn the base over on top of a cardboard box and using the screws provided (they are taped to one of the braces) screw them into the marked pre-drilled holes (A to A and so on).

Tip #2: Walls and/or cabinet assembly

Next open the larger boxes and put in all 4 walls of the sauna including the glass door. Start with the back wall(s), then 2 side walls, then the front glass door in that order. When setting the cabinet walls into place, please make sure the wall channel in the base, and the bottom edges of each panel, are free and clear of any debris (wood shards, splinters, etc.), as this could cause the walls to be ill-fitting and difficult to buckle together.

Tip #3: Bench and floor heater(s)

Be sure to plug in bench heater and floor heater(s), and make sure the connections are secure.

Tip #4A: For 1-2 person sauna only

Make sure the control panel cable and the heater cords are placed inside the notches in the wall and draped over to the outside of the sauna. You will then lower the roof inside the sauna to rest on the quarter round molding on the walls inside the sauna. Once lowered, you can then connect the heater cords and the control panel cable. Feed the power cord through the dust cover, plug it in and start it up. You are ready to take a sauna!

Tip #4B: For all other saunas

Put 4 cardboard 'Brick Size' spacers from the sauna packaging on top of the corners of the 4 walls and place the roof on top of them. This will allow a gap for you to run the heater cords and the control panel cable through the holes in the roof easily.  After they are ran, remove the spacers and fit roof in place. If the roof is too snug to fit, temporarily unbuckle one or 2 of the buckles to give it more room to seat properly. Once lowered, you can then connect the heater cords and the control panel cable. This is when I put in the Radio.

Tip #5: CD radio installation

There are a couple screws (clearly marked) on the top of the CD radio that need to be removed in order for the CD to play. Also, when putting it in the wood housing, check to make sure the unit is right side up. The radio has a wire coming out of the back of the unit labeled REMOTE; this is not used and should be ignored.

Tip #6: Roof Screws

Some people do not screw down the roof, gravity does a great job holding it in place. Also, many people only put screws in the roof's dust cover if it is warped, sticks up and is unsightly (about 10% of the roof covers are warped enough to need a couple screws to keep it in place). You, of course, can batten it down as little or as much as you like.


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