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Our new 2-4 Person premium-quality DIY Barrel Sauna Kit is thermally modified, elegantly designed, and is easy to assemble. Tall enough to stand in comfortably, this is the largest, most spacious barrel sauna available. Includes a front porch with comfortable benches for added convenience. Quality materials and superb engineering make this the very best outdoor sauna.  

Finally, a barrel sauna designed to withstand the rigors of the outdoors! Our team starts with responsibly sourced premium Spruce and then X-rays each board for internal flaws. Once thermally modified, Northern Europe's finest Nordic Spruce takes on a distinctive rustic and refined look that compliments any outdoor space. 

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Included Feature Highlights

  • Bucket, Ladel, Thermometer
  • Interior LED Light
  • Hand Crafted Construction
  • Stainless Steel Hinges and Fasteners
  • Tempered Glass Door
  • Easy assembly for two people
  • Built-in Backrest



1 1/2" thick Thermally Treated Nordic Spruce


6kw KIP Harvia Heater, 8kw KIP Harvia Heater, 8kw Virta Heater w/Control Panel, 4.5kw Huum Drop Heater w/ WiFi Control Panel, 6kw Huum Drop Heater w/ WiFi Control Panel, M3 Harvia Wood Burning Stove

Internal Dimensions

Width: 73" Depth: 56" Height: 73" Bench: 4'1" L x 1'7" W


240 Volts 30 amps Breaker - Hard Wired

External Dimensions

Width: 76" Depth: 59" Height: 76" Weight: 1191 lbs Shipping Weight: 1191 lbs
Monthly Cost: $00.00
Yearly Cost: $00.00
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Capacity 2 Person 2 Person 2 Person
External Width 76" 72" 72"
External Height 76" 77" 77"
External Depth 59" 47" 60"
Internal Width 73" 71" 71"
Internal Height 73" 71" 71"
Internal Depth 56" 39" 39"
Shipping Weight 1191 lb 480 lb 580 lb
Weight 1191 lb 540 lb 650 lb
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