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Rain Barrel Jackets

$300.00 - $350.00

Protect your barrel sauna from water or sun damage with a barrel jacket!

Accent your barrel sauna with our stylish barrel sauna rain jackets. Crafted with hand-sewn marine grade canvas, the rain jacket is lightweight and can easily be installed or removed at a moment’s notice. Each jacket securely fastens using bungies and can be left on as an all year aesthetic or periodically removed as desired.

Our barrel saunas are built from high-grade soft cedar, which is naturally insulating. The sauna is designed to withstand all types of weather, expanding and contracting along with the temperature and dampness of the air. The attractive rain jacket provides a completely UV resistant and waterproof cover to help prevent any moisture from entering into your barrel sauna.

The rain jackets come in tan, navy, and charcoal gray.

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Rain Barrel Jackets

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Rain Barrel Jackets