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Canadian Pod Sauna

$7,495 |or$681/month*
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Our new Canadian Pod Saunas are handcrafted in Ontario, Canada and have a classic elegant look. They are made from the finest, thoroughly inspected Canadian Pine, White Cedar, and Red Cedar lumbers.

These outdoor saunas have been specially developed for exclusive use outside amongst nature. Our Pod Saunas can withstand any type of weather and you can choose from different lengths to create more space for your personal enjoyment or to have friends and family enjoy the sauna with you.

It’s natural for the body to cleanse itself by sweating and we do our best to produce a sauna that is also appealing to the eye. The heat and low humidity ensure a general perspiration and a deep cleansing of the skin. We look forward to you enjoying our Classic Pod Sauna!


Canadian Pine
Canadian White Cedar
Canadian Red Cedar
8' (4-Person)
9' (6-Person)
10' (8-Person)
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1 1/2" thick Pine, White Cedar, and Red Cedar


8.0 kw KIP Harvia Heater, 8 kw Virta Heater w/Control Panel, 9.0kw Huum Drop Heater w/ WiFi Control Panel, M3 Harvia Wood Burning Stove

Internal Dimensions

Width: 86" Depth: 86" Height: 84" Bench: 6' L x 1'8" W


240 Volts 40 amps Breaker - Hard Wired

External Dimensions

Width: 96" Depth: 96" Height: 96" Weight: 1279 lbs Shipping Weight: 1279 lbs
Monthly Cost: $00.00
Yearly Cost: $00.00
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