Cabin Sauna Series from Salus Saunas

Cabin Sauna Series from Salus Saunas

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Salus Saunas is proud to share our design and high-quality of our cabin saunas. We are currently running a sales program where we will be upgrading the heaters for Sierra Cabin customers at highly discounted prices! Be sure to read on for details about how you can pair a premium electric or wood burning stove with your cabin sauna. We are dedicated to providing quality products that are safe, reliable, and durable so they can provide years of enjoyment for consumers across the country. Our premium saunas are backed by a limited lifetime warranty and we are always available to help with any questions.

  • Tongue-and Groove Nordic Spruce Boards and Planks
  • Tempered Glass Doors and Windows
  • Two benches for multi-level seating inside the cabin
  • Roofing shingles
  • Exterior porch and sitting area to relax before or after your sauna session
  • Limited lifetime warranty on the entire sauna and 5 years for the Harvia heaters
  • Made in Finland

Our most popular Sierra Cabin Sauna was manufactured in Europe and, as a result, includes an instruction manual that is presented in several languages with all measurements in metric. To simplify things for the American market we have developed a custom manual, which is presented in a very simple format using pictures and minimal descriptions. Assembly of the Sierra Sauna requires a higher level of skill than our other sauna models. The skill level of a contractor or high-level “handyman” is suggested. The cabin saunas take about 8-12 hours to assemble in total with skill level, tools, and weather being factors in the assembly time. Here are all the details you need to know about the experience from inquiring your sauna to having it ready for use.


Reaching out to Salus Saunas for a Cabin Sauna:

One of our customer support reps will gladly answer all of your questions about any of our cabins that are in stock. We understand this is a huge investment for your home and wellness, so we can answer any relevant questions when it comes to the sauna, heater, shipping, and assembly for these units. Whether you want a compact outdoor sauna like the Sierra, or a world-class unit with a changing room like the Olympia, we ensure you get the best quality sauna for your home or property. Once all of your questions are answered, we take down your zip code and provide the best flatbed shipping quote to have the sauna shipped directly to your home.

Olympia Cabin Sauna

Lumber and Heaters:

Our traditional cabin saunas are as authentic as they come. Our Finnish-style design is made from Nordic Spruce lumber sourced from Scandanavia. The soft, white wood is visually appealing and durable in harsh conditions no matter how hot or cold. You can learn more about our Nordic Spruce wood here. When it comes to the heater options for the barrel sauna, our customers have plenty of options. From electric heaters with dials to moden LED touch panels and wood burning stoves with classic looks or open stone cave, we have you covered. All of the heaters paired with the saunas are covered under 5 year manufacturer's warranty. These are our most popular heaters to pair with the cabin saunas:

Virta 8kw Electric Heater w/ LED Touch Panel

Harvia M3 Wood Burning Stove w/ Chimney Installation Kit


Special Delivery and Service for Cabin Saunas:

Unlike most of our infrared and traditional saunas, our cabin saunas are delivered with white-glove delivery service. Our team of drivers ship these units anywhere in the US via flatbed truck. No worries about transfers, delays, or damaged freight because these units go straight from our warehouse facility to your home. These are long pallets that need extra care and we ensure there are no issues when it comes to shipping for these. Our delivery schedule varies depending on the season, but we do our best to make sure these are delivered within 2 weeks from the date of ordering. Our drivers ship these out every week and know the best way to service our customers. Over the past few years, we've gone above and beyond to make sure the cabins get to our customers' home effeciently and safely. See more regarding our flatbed shipping policy on this link.


Quality Product and Service is 100% Guaranteed:

You can tell from our reviews that we make sure every customer gets the best product and service in the sauna industry. Give us a call today at 844-618-0017 to inquire about adding a beautiful cabins sauna to your home and enjoying an authentic Finnish sauna experience in your own home!