Salus Saunas Is Now Partnered with BlueCube Baths

For those who are familiar with Salus Saunas, you’re likely familiar with the vast benefits that frequent sauna use and heat exposure therapy can provide. If not, we’ll get into that shortly…Well, the same goes for ice baths and cold immersion therapy. Pair the two together and you’ve got yourself the ultimate contrast therapy recipe.


That’s why we’ve decided to partner with BlueCube! Sharing similar passions for health, wellness, and alternative therapy, and offering products in a similar industry, we saw it as the perfect marriage. With that said, in partnership with BlueCube, Salus Saunas is excited to announce that we’re now expanding our product offering.


Introducing BlueCube Cold Plunge Ice Baths; a welcomed complement to your dream sauna, and a way to take your contrast therapy sessions to the next level.


About BlueCube Ice Baths


BlueCube was born in 2020 after its founders decided to combine passions and life experiences with business, and we’re so happy that they did! Made right here in the USA, BlueCube Cold Plunge Ice Baths are top-of-the-line, one-of-a-kind, design-centric and functionally prioritized ice baths made for those looking to take their wellness to new heights.


More like stylish outdoor furniture than a self-contained ice bath, BlueCube Cold Immersion tanks are both sturdy, beautiful, and functional; a pleasure for both the eyes, the mind, and the body.


Offered in both a full-sized tank and a mini-me tank, BlueCube Ice Baths are sure to satisfy your needs. To learn more, be sure to visit their website or contact us here at Salus Saunas directly.


For those less adept at deliberate cold immersion therapy, you might be curious as to the benefits. In other words, why would someone place themselves in such an extreme environment in the first place? Similar to hot exposure therapy via sauna use, cold exposure therapy provides similar benefits. That’s why we decided to partner with the best ice bath provider in the country in BlueCube!


The Benefits of Contrast Therapy


Contrast therapy is an alternative training technique used to gain complete control over the mind whilst placing your body under stressful demands. Most commonly executed using both a sauna and cold plunge, contrast therapy has been shown to provide a plethora of health and wellness benefits.


While each on their own provides incredible advantages in their own right, when combined in unison, results are undeniable. Below are some of the primary benefits you can come to expect from cold exposure therapy:


  • Releases Norepinephrine and Dopamine
  • Stimulates Breakdown of Brown Fat Tissue
  • Increases Mitochondrial Biogenesis, Increase of energy production in cells
  • Builds Mental Resilience & Environmental Tolerance
  • Increases Overall Health & Longevity Through Hormesis


In relation to these more scientific benefits, one can begin to experience improved mood, increased focus and attention, reduction in fat, enhanced and elongated energy levels, mental strength, physical recovery, increased testosterone, stabilized blood sugar, reduction in inflammation, healthier skin, and even a reduction in the risk of some health conditions such as Alzheimer’s and other cardiovascular conditions.


Cold exposure therapy is a movement and biohacking at its finest, and for good reason. In fact, we here at Salus Saunas wouldn’t agree that it’s a trend but a therapeutic strategy that’s here to stay.


 Your Dream Cold Exposure Ice Bath Awaits!

We here are Salus Saunas are extremely excited to have partnered with the premier Ice Bath brand in BlueCube. By extending our product offerings to include BlueCube exclusive cold plunge tubs, we hope that you can take advantage of its amazing benefits.

With that said, today, Salus Saunas is now offering BlueCube Ice Baths, both full-sized and its mini-me version.

We all know the health benefits of sauna use. You now also know the health benefits of cold exposure via ice baths. So what are you waiting for? For the best-in-class ice baths, choose BlueCube. The reviews speak for themselves and hopefully, our partnership sheds light on its real value; we don’t just partner with anyone.

In closing, be sure to visit BlueCube’s website to learn more about who they are, where they started, and further detail regarding their products. Contact us here at Salus Saunas directly to learn how we can help provide you with the best sauna and/or ice bath in the industry. Speaking on behalf of both Salus Sauna and BlueCube, we can’t wait to help take your health and wellness journey to the next level!


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