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Our newest line of traditional saunas comes in Natural Canadian red cedar wood, complete with interior ceiling galaxy star color therapy lighting system, interior backrest with accent color therapy lighting system, interior reading lamp, touch screen control panel with built in FM radio, Bluetooth connection and speakers, and tempered glass panels with glass door. This sauna comes with the bucket, ladle, thermometer and sandglass.

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6.5mm 100% Natural Canadian Red Cedar Wood


4.5kw Harvia KIP Heater, 6kw Harvia KIP Heater, 4.5kw Harvia Wall Heater, 6kw Harvia Wall Heater

Internal Dimensions

Width: 52" Depth: 39" Height: 72" Bench: Full Length Interior Bench


220 Volts 30 amps Dedicated 30 amp Outlet

External Dimensions

Width: 59" Depth: 44" Height: 78" Weight: 450 lbs Shipping Weight: 510 lbs
Monthly Cost: $00.00
Yearly Cost: $00.00
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Capacity 2 Person 2 Person
External Width 59" 63""
External Height 78" 80""
External Depth 44" 44""
Internal Width 52" 58""
Internal Height 72" 78""
Internal Depth 39" 39""
Shipping Weight 510 lb 650 lb
Weight 450 lb 725 lb
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